Bosnia wine tour and visiting of Vjetrenica cave

This wine tour takes you to nearby city Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Located less then 40 km from Dubrovnik (25 miles) is a world of its own, completely different than the coastal area of Dubrovnik Riviera. Limestone hills, small fertile pockets of land following the river flows, flocks of sheep and goats grazing and endless fields of vineyards will capture your imagination.


Begin with pickup at 9am, which can be any hotel or apartment in Dubrovnik and surrounding area. Starting with spectacular drive up in the mountains towards city of Trebinje, some 45 min drive, stop in Trebinje to visit local farmers market and to taste some traditional cheeses,honey and more.


Next, drive to Tvrdos Monastery,where wines have been made by monks, tasting 4 class wines in Monastery cellars. Monastery Tvrdos is dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos and was built upon the stone formations of Tvrdos along the right side of the banks of the Trebisnjica River, four kilometers west of Trebinje.


The monks of the monastery Tvrdos started ten years ago a new chapter in the story of the monastic winemaking in our country. They took care of the grapevine in Trebinjsko polje, where the old plantations of the Vranac are located on 70 hectares of land and even built 60 hectares of young vineyards in Popovo polje. Today the monastery has two cellars. In an old stone cellar from the 15th century, in hundred-year-old oak barrels vranac matures, and only ten meters away, next to the Trebisnjica, a new cellar is dug, equipped with the latest technology, but perfectly integrated into the existing complex. Modern technological solutions include also a gravitational transport of wine during processing, enabled by height differences between different levels of cellars.


After you will visit another famous local wineries,taste 5 different wines, prosciutto and cheese. Our groups are small, minimum 2 and maximum 6 people as we want to have personal touch!

Next stop is  traditional tavern where you gonna to enjoy in three course lunch.


Last stop is Vjetrenica cave.

Vjetrenica is a hydrological active, speleological and drifty object with even four water streams, as well as more than ten further, smaller periodical water streams with subterranean lakes. Located in the southern side of the Dinara rock mass, with an access at the sole edge of the Popovo-field, 300 m to the East of the village’s centre called “Zavala” with an altitude of 260 m above sea level and an air-line distance of 12 km to the Adriatic Sea.

Total channel lenght: 7.013,90 meters.

The basic direction of the cave channels: south-southeast (towards the sea).

Wind power during the summer days: 15 meters per second.

Average annual temperature: 11,6°C.

Arranged for tourism purposes: before 1940.

Extensively arranged and electrified: 1964 in a length of 1050 m, including a pedestrian path with a grand total of 1800 m.

Since 1952, the cave is a protected natural monument, since 1965 it is in the category of special geological reserves.

In 2004 the Vjetrenica cave was nominated for the preliminary list of UNESCO world heritage.


99 € per person


  •  Between 8 and 9 hours


  • Minimum 4, maximum 16 persons per tour
  • Less than 4 on request
  • Start time at 9am
  • Only English speaking guide
  • A dress code is required to enter Tvrdos Monastery (you can get some at entering)
  • Passport is needed


  • Pick up and return to your accommodation
  • Visiting Tvrdos Monastery
  • Visiting local farmers market
  • Tasting around ten excellent wines
  • Prosciutto and local cheeses tastings
  • Tasting locals specialties
  • Three course gourmet lunch
  • Visiting Vjetrenica cave
  • All fees included


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